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What’s the secret of a successful profile on Ayni?

For most of you, it’s been a few months we know each other and we’d like to give you a couple of tips on how to make your recruitment profile more successful. Sure, there are factors that cannot be changed. For example, the fact the a considerable percentage of users show greater interest for Africa than for other continents. Or the fact that most Italians that speak another language speak English. But beyond statistical trends, that do contribute to the determination of your success on Ayni, there are at least 5 actions you can take to make sure your profile has a greater impact on potential volunteers, driving them towards your programme.

  1. Send us good pictures and videos

Visual impact is important! Make sure the pictures you send us are interesting, fun and representative of the work you do. Also, verify that the technical characteristics of the images you send (size, resolution, format) respect the indications we provide: this will guarantee the quality of the final result.

Videos are very important presentation tools! They are just like a window opened on your world! They are probably the best and most effective way to make volunteers understand who you are and what you do. Choose short and engaging videos, able to summarize in a few minutes your work and your organization’s personality.

And don’t forget that all authorized videos are also published on our video channel on On the Road TV, where they will reach a new audience of potential volunteers, collaborators and donors!

  1. Ask your volunteers to tell us how it went

An important part of Ayni’s profiles are reviews and testimonials left by volunteers. The words of those who have already lived the volunteering experience are the best “language” to communicate with new volunteers.

The testimonial is not an evaluation of your work. It’s not about giving 3 stars out of 5. It’s all about storytelling and sharing experiences.

And you should know that we repost those stories, linking them to your Ayni’s profile and, therefore, bringing more traffic. Another chance to get our audience to know you.

Profili di successo su Ayni

  1. Provide a job description

Whether a volunteer is looking for a work experience or is more interested in the cultural and human experience, your recruitment profile must be able to tell them what activities and responsibilities they will bear as volunteers, and what the impact of these will be on the mission of your NGO. They are ready to donate their time: make sure your profile tells them how you will make good use of it.

You should include a concise description of the role you are asking collaboration for. If it is more than one role, don’t hesitate to create a list! This will show volunteers that you and your team have carefully planned the volunteers’ intervention and that you know what you are doing.

  1. Do not forget the essentials!

Beyond the role’s description, a successful profile provides other important information that contribute to the volunteer’s final decision:

  • How much does the programme cost?
  • Where will volunteers live and how much will it cost?
  • Requirements list (including the minimum duration of the placement)

An exhaustive profile gives out the idea of a clear and structured programme. Hiding until the last moment that there is a fee to pay is not beneficial for the organization’s image: transparency is highly valued by volunteers!

  1. Keep us up to date

Even if Ayni’s platform is mainly dedicated to generic information about your NGO, our communication channels can be used to share relevant news, such as dates of your next volunteering programme, a new opportunity or the story of a volunteer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Relevant news will bring more traffic to your profile and chances of getting good applications will increase.

Ayni is much more than a recruitment platform! We are a team of qualified volunteers who work to help you improve your programmes, bearing in mind the impact on the community you are serving. That’s why we are planning a consultancy programme that will give you better tools for volunteers’ management.

If you still have doubts on how to make your profile more successful get in touch!

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