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“ AYNI is a word that was given to us by the Quechua language. It stands for cooperation and mutual solidarity. More than a word, it symbolizes a lifestyle practiced by indigenous communities in the Andean regions of Latin America“


The story of Ayni Cooperazione begins with Chiara and Ivan and their dedication and passion for social causes. Both young founders have sustained various roles in social organisations – as volunteers and managers alike. Their unique experiences in the sector have provided them with exclusive perspectives and a deep understanding of the challenges on both sides: organisations and volunteers.

3 che avrei voluto sapere prima di fare volontariato all'estero
Viaggi di volontariato

Based on this experience, Ayni was born. Volunteering is a vital element for small organisations around the world. At the same time, it catalyses personal growth in those who move abroad and engage with local communities. Ayni helps overcome the obstacles that sometimes still persist between volunteers and NGOs– so that we can all improve our collaborative efforts in building a better world!


More than 120 international and grassroots organizations around the world are able to directly and independently recruit online and onsite volunteers in Italy thanks to our free recruitment platform.

We create connections between...

Italian society willing to make a change

Socially driven organisations looking for volunteers


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What is Ayni?

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  • Pictures and logo
  • Contact details of a former volunteer
  • Detailed and clear information

Submission for approval. Criteria:

  • Are you non-profit?
  • Are you small or medium sized?
  • Do you have a structured volunteering programme?
  • Are you responsible for the projects you want to involve volunteers with?
  • Do you have strong ties with the local community?

Were you successful? Congratulations! Now you’ll get visibility on all our channels.

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We promote international volunteering as a tool for personal development and social change. With our Ayni Network, we bring the development world closer to those who want to make change.


Being the reference for responsible volunteering in Italy and fostering a community for social change.
Ayni Social Lab

AYNI Social Lab

And now you can also request the support of a team of volunteers trained by Ayni Cooperazione for specific activities and projects.

Online support only

Chiara Ayni

Chiara Minigutti

Co-founder & Director


Communication, project management and non-formal education are my areas of expertise. Born and raised in Italy, I have an international work experience (UK, Spain and Peru), I love travelling and I speak 3 languages fluently (Italian, English and Spanish). I would love to connect with you and learn about the change you make in your community!

Ivan Ayni

Ivan Corimanya

Co-founder & Marketing


Peruvian entrepreneur with an EMBA (Executive MBA) from Barcelona. I am a Digital Marketing specialist with a passion for video-making and action cameras. Since I started volunteering for my community in Cusco, I realised we all need to be part of the change we want to see in the world. Join us!

Free E-books

We have build a library of useful resources for volunteers management and recruitment! Contents are original and translated with love to your language by our volunteers.

Corsi di formazione per volontari internazionali

Corsi on demand

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