Volunteering in Italy: figures

Volunteering in Italy: an overview

Ayni Cooperazione works towards a concrete goal: encouraging Italian people to offer their time and skills as international volunteers, critically analyzing every opportunity they are offered. We aim at being a reference, a guide, an inspiration, helping our audience choose the programme that best suits their skills and interests.

We believe Italians have so much to offer, but too many of them have never thought of volunteering abroad. Maybe they still don’t realize what a valuable service they could offer and what an amazing opportunity for personal and human development it would be.

But who are Italian volunteers and what are they interested in? How many people are involved in international cooperation projects? We asked ourselves these questions and found some answers. Wanna know more? Have a look at the following infographics:


Volunteering in Italy: figures

The number of volunteers in Italy keeps on growing. According to the latest data published by ISTAT (National Institute of Statistics), 9% of the total population has volunteered, for a total of 5.500.000 people. This is a figure we are proud of, even if we are still far from other countries‘ data. For example, data from the UK report that about 27% of the total population volunteers at least once a month.

Volunteering in Italy: figures

People say that, once you get to a certain age, it gets harder to volunteer. That’s not the case! In Italy people over 55 years old are the most committed to the causes they believe in. And our young people? It is unfortunately the least committed category, despite all services available to inform and guide them.

However, our internal data indicate that more then 60% of our audience are 35 years old and younger, a figure showing that, when we talk about international development, the trend is different.

Volunteering in Italy: figures

Of all Italian volunteers, ISTAT registers only 1.9% involved in International Cooperation and Solidarity activities, which corresponds to 100.000 approximately. It might not seem much, but it is worth noticing that figures raised by 35% in the last 15 years!

Let’s get ready for a real change!


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