5 essential components to a good volunteering programme

Volunteer's role | Communication channels | A reward system and thank you | A safety net and contingency plans

10 professional profiles for your organization

Recruitment strategy | Professionals you cannot miss

5 ideas to get volunteers involved in fundraising

Local events organization | A sales rep for local products | Networking with local businesses | Ambassadors | Get volunteers on a challenge!

Communicating with volunteers

What are the most significant trends that we should consider to boost recruitment

Happy volunteers are retained volunteers

The importance of volunteer retention | Know your volunteers well | Make volunteers feel useful | Give your volunteers a chance to grow | Make volunteers feel part of your team | Never say farewell, always goodbye!

Safeguarding young people in orphanages and children's home

An overview

Social Media for NGO's

Time to re-think your strategy

The unspoken expectations of international volunteers

Emotional and humanitarian motivations | socio - cultural motivations | professionals motivations

Corsi di formazione per volontari internazionali

Corsi on demand

Ayni scuola